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About GhostCMO
Main haunt: Minneapolis, MN
Number of souls: Materialize as needed

Services: Branding | Positioning | Messaging | Copywriting
Pricing: Hourly, retainer, or per-project

Special powers: Messaging in healthcare, finance, & other highly-regulated industries

We exist to close the gap between you, and your ideal audience.

We're working pros—with day jobs that traverse the spectrum of strategic communications.

You've probably heard of some of our employers. You've definitely heard of our clients.
we're here because:
Maybe you can't afford to hire a big agency.
But you still have to compete with those who can.
What we do
You have a brand already—but can you express it with ease? Can your customers? Whether it's a quick refresh or complete overhaul, we'll help you keep it tight.

Who are you, who are you talking to, what do you bring to the table, and who are you trying to beat? You can proceed without answers to these if you like, but's gonna be messy.
Before you say anything, you have to organize your thoughts. We help you with the stuff that lives behind the copy—that touches the soul of your brand, and resonates with your audience.
It's one of those things that everybody thinks they can do until they sit down and try. Writing—like any craft—is a weird amalgamation of talent, skill, and fairy dust.
And we've got all three.
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